A Cardigan for Arwen KAL

The Knit-Along for A Cardigan for Arwen by Kate Gilbert from Interweave Knits, Winter 2006. Come join the Fellowship!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Ok, its back to the drawing board {sob!}

I'm admitting defeat and throwing in the towel on trying to correct the cuff edge.

Yesterday I tried to pick out just the cuff edge and "redo", but have succeeded in just creating a HUGH mess at the end of the sleeve, so for now I will be setting this aside to be addressed after my daughter's wedding....there's just too much to be done for that in the next 19 days!

And I think I'll be giving up on the idea of knitting both sleeves at once, its just more than I can keep straight (maybe I'll feel differently about that after the wedding)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Ok, I may be in over my head here.....

while I successfully figured out the short rows and I'm moving along on the sleeves, I find that the cuff edge cable just doesn't look right.

So, folks, short of ripping out all of the rows and starting over AGAIN, is there any way to "re knit" just a section -- the cuff rows?

I'm guessing I know that the answer is NO, but I am not real experienced and I'm hoping someone knows more about this that I do.

Monday, July 16, 2007

beginning (sleeves) again

Over the weekend I finally had the chance to run my rescue thread and rip back to where I really needed to begin the sleeves.

Yesterday I decided to have a go at knitting both sleeves at the same time, so I now have 308 stitches on the needle, and it takes a while to get a row done, but I'll only have to keep track of the pattern rows once this way.

We'll see how this goes....

Saturday, July 14, 2007

OH NO! (why not getting gauge BOTH ways will come back to haunt you)

I've been knitting blissfully along, smirking slightly and feeling superior that I was almost half way up the first sleeve, and it is a Christmas present, and it was going so well, etc., etc., etc.

Then the fact that I was only able to get gauge with this yarn and these needles in one direction caught up with me and bit me in the butt.

There I was, not even half way through the sleeve and finding that the front edge was already the full length it was supposed to be when finished....Uh, DUH!

Obviously there will be a trip to the frog pond (rip it, rip it) in my future here. Nuts!

I've now spent quite a bit of time recalculating all of the lengths of each section and converting them to my actual guage and figuring out how far back I'll need to take this.

So today I will be running a "rescue thread" in the row that I need to rip back to, making very careful note of the sequence of stitches in the cable section and letting it rip.....{sigh}

I am strongly considering working both sleeves at the same time when I start in again tho' at least then I can be sure they will match.