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The Knit-Along for A Cardigan for Arwen by Kate Gilbert from Interweave Knits, Winter 2006. Come join the Fellowship!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Nearly Ninety

Nah, I haven't aged that much since I began knitting Arwen. I'm talking about the temperature today. Ah, what wonderful weather for a wool sweater! I'm thrilled to share my finished Arwen. A few more details are here.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Its coming along.....

I have been working on the band that will be the bottom of the sweater, and so far I'm pleased with the way it looks. I've got 12 inches of the 36 1/4 inches I need, so I'm one third done!

Here's a close up of the texture....nice.

I am knitting this part on a larger needle than the rest will be, I want it to look like a finishing edge, but I can tell that I am still going to be picking up stitches on both sides of it because I'm not going to be happy with the edge that its making right now.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Color me complete too!

Hello Everyone!

Long time, no post!

It appears as though my Flickr uploader is acting wonky on me so I'm just uploading my image straight from my computer for this post. As you can see; I'm done with Arwen!

Just like Nadine, I used Mission Falls 1824 Wool, except I used a pink/purple color #025. I absolutely love this yarn. If you're looking to get this yarn for the cheapest price possible, check out Yarn Forward and their Mission Falls section. I'm too spoiled with how pleased I am with how this came out to want to try any other brands. ;-p

I must say that I love my Arwen! The only thing I would change is the bust shaping. I can barely get my Arwen to close in the front, and I knit the 37 1/2 inch bust size! (I techniquely measure 33 inches around, but I seriously think cup size has something to do with it as well.)

The only modifications I made to my version is that I knit two extra sets of short rows before casting off the sleeves. Other than that, I followed the pattern as written.

Sorry for the crummy pictures, I couldn't get anyone to take a picture of me in my new cardigan. (No one else in my immediate family understands my love of knitting and satisfaction over completed projects!)

Any further questions, let me know! Other than that, please color me maroon! ;-D

Lovin' my Arwen,

Anna of Anna's Yarn Mansion

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Monday, April 16, 2007

In the homestretch...

Okay so I am about 6 inches into the last piece!! I am really pushing through this, even though I have 2 shawls that are calling my name!! Anyone else want to join me in powering through to the end? LOL

I am loving seeing all the finished cardigans though, it is making me desire my FO that much more!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Color Me Maroon, I'm Done!

Here she is, along with me and my dog. The size came out perfect (a first for me) and I can live with the slightly iffy kitchnering on the wrists and hood. The wrists were due to my lack of skill, but the hood was an accident - the stitches came off the holder and I wasn't able to retrieve them all in just the right position. I figure most people won't notice and the rest will be too polite to say anything. Lucky for me, I'm not a perfectionist. I used a pale green Mission Falls 1824. It's soft and warm and really heavy. If I put this on a hanger it would grow 6 inches overnight. I'm new to knitting, but I can see that handmade sweaters are for drawers, not closets. I'm a slow knitter, it tooks me 5 months to make this, but at least that offset the price of the yarn. Next project will definitely have to be from Knitpicks or Elann fer sure. With Arwen done, I am eyeing the Venezia Pullover in the same issue of Interweave as Arwen. Anybody else considering it? I haven't found a KAL for it, but I think it's a good subject for one - lots of opportunity for knitting angsts and triumphs :)