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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

So far so good, pretty much

Arwen, 6 balls inWell, the weather broke, and it's damp and cold enough that I can face the idea of a lapful of merino, so I've made a bit more progress on Arwen. The second sleeve is done, grafted and seamed.

Someone else posted about a 6-foot wingspan, so I thought I could afford to shorten my sleeves a bit. I took off what I thought was about 3 inches, and maybe after blocking it will be, but at the moment, the cuffs hit right at my elbows. And if that's where that thick cable really hits, it'll be difficult to bend my arms while wearing the cardigan. No way I'm ripping back, after all that work: I'll try to block them longer, or learn to live with it.

So now I'm on the upper half of the back, and still hoping to avoid seaming. At the end of each row I slip the last stitch, pick up one stitch in the selvedge edge of the sleeve, and pass the slipped stitch over. It's a tad lumpy, but less lumpy than a seam would be.


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