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Friday, July 27, 2007

Ok, I may be in over my head here.....

while I successfully figured out the short rows and I'm moving along on the sleeves, I find that the cuff edge cable just doesn't look right.

So, folks, short of ripping out all of the rows and starting over AGAIN, is there any way to "re knit" just a section -- the cuff rows?

I'm guessing I know that the answer is NO, but I am not real experienced and I'm hoping someone knows more about this that I do.


At 7/27/2007 10:42 AM, Anonymous Sarah said...

You can drop back just the offending stitches and re-work them. You leave the good stitches on the needles and frog the portion that needs to be re-knit. You can use a set of dpns to work this smaller section, if it is more convenient. This is especially difficult in cabling, but it can be done. You can try it, and if it does not work, you can frog bag the whole rows.

At 7/29/2007 11:31 AM, Blogger Bev said...

it sounds like that is what I will have to do....I'll give it a try and see what happens .... I REALLY don't want to rip out 10 rows of 308 stitches each!!

Thanks Sarah


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