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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


arwen1 Oops, I promised to put up a picture of the seed stitch hem, didn't I? Here it is, I threw the sweater-in-progress in the scanner when I'd reached the end of the first skein. I've just started the fourth skein now.

Somebody wanted to know more about knitting in one piece: well, I cast on the back and both fronts at the same time, and worked back and forth for about 11 inches (with waist shaping). I've just knit across the right-front, and then provisionally cast on 60 stitches* and knit those (and put the back and left-front stitches on a holder). Cable set-up row on the return, and now I'm working the short rows.

* Sleeve notes: I know the pattern wants long sleeves, and it does look nice that way, but I have to take my own habits into account. I am perpetually shoving my sleeves up, and growling about it, so I decided on 3/4-length sleeves. I also noticed on my first attempt that the sleeve was too tight around the upper arm, so I've added another inch there.

All this means that the short-row scheme as written will not work, and if I try to add stitches evenly across the length of the sleeves, I'll wind up with a sort of bat-wing effect that I definitely don't want. So I'm knitting back and forth across the front, and with each row I knit two stitches further into the sleeve. Mr Husband is in Utrecht with the camera, but I will take a picture as soon as I can. I don't know how useful it will be, since I'm working with such dark yarn, but for you, I will try.

I think I've decided to include the hood. Now that I've shortened the sleeves I'll probably have enough yarn.


At 6/16/2007 7:18 AM, Blogger Patti said...

Thank you for posting this picture! This finish is more beautiful than I pictured in my unimaginative little mind. I really like the curve of the line where it meets the cable. As much as I like knitting without seams, they do lend stability to a piece of heavy fabric. My Arwen couldn't have maintained its shape in wearing without them, but a different yarn might handle it well. I admit to being a fan of the hood. The cable across the hood gets so many compliments and I think Tolkien's Arwen would have wanted a hood. Still, it is up to the knitter. This sweater might also be really beautiful with a 3/4 bell sleeve.Please keep posting your pics, especially your modifications.

At 6/17/2007 2:13 PM, Blogger alala said...

Yeah, I kind of meant to do something seamy at the sides - a column of purl stitches, or a teeny cable or something, just to show where the seam would have been - but I forgot. I'm seriously considering a 3-needle bind-off for the sleeves, though, for that very reason.

I never wear hoods, but I really, really like that the cable never gets bound-off, it just continues. So yeah, will probably knit the hood.

Additional modifications, btw: the short rows were too bat-wingy, and I had doubts about the sleeve length, so I ripped back, cast on 64 stitches, and knit one more stitch (not two) with each short row. Pictures to follow.


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