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Friday, January 19, 2007

Another Newcomer

Hello everyone!

I too have jumped on the Arwen train, albeit accidentally. I bought all the yarn to make the Provincial Waistcoat from the same issue of IK but I couldn't even figure out the gauge swatch. I liked Arwen a lot and my gauge was almost the same so away I went. This is not necessarily the yarn I would have chosen for this sweater but you got to work with what you got. It's Berroco Ultra Alpaca. Here are some pics:
Arwen Sleeve and back
I've finished the back and started in on the left front. Please excuse the junk on my dresser. I meant to crop it out and forgot in my rush to post here. I'm really venturing out of my purple comfort zone with this project.

Arwen Cable
The cables aren't looking quite as crisp as I'd like them too but I'm sure a little blocking will help that.

You know people who complain about having to do rows and rows of stockinette? I never got those people. You can watch all the movies you want and never screw up, I thought. I was wrong.
Arwen Stockinette
Man, I found this soul crushing for some reason. Perhaps because there were no increases or anything.

Still, I'll take it over my last major project, the Marseilles Pullover any day. THAT was a lot of cables


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