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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Lengthening the Sleeves

As I mentioned before, there's another Arwen KAL hosted on a Yahoo group, and for anyone who hasn't already joined, I pledged to share any important insights that arise. Jody, the moderator, recently posted two fabulous suggestions related to the sleeves. I'll post them here separately.
"I reviewed the pattern and I think you are right -- just follow the
instructions for a larger size. The only difference between sizes is
the number of sts you cast on to start the sleeve. So, cast on the
number of sts that correspond to the size you want.

When you get to the shoulder instructions, the number of sts you have
will be a little different than what the pattern says.

Where it says Shape Shoulder:

You'll follow the number of sts from 2 sizes -- for the sleeve, the
larger size that you followed to make the sleeve longer. And for the
knit/purl and bind off number for the shoulder, you'll follow the
smaller size that you chose for the body.

Since there's a marker where the sleeve joins the body, it shouldn't
be too hard to figure out.

When you get to the hood, your st counts will correspond to your body
size, so follow that smaller size when knitting the hood."



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